History of RAF Wratting Common

260 service personnel lost their lives whilst serving at RAF Wratting Common between 1943 and 1945.

Squadron 90 lost 185 men.
Squadron 1651 HCU lost 19 men.
Squadron 195 lost 50 men.
31 Base lost 6 men.

"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them."

30 May 1943
Squadron 90
SgtBeck W C
SgtBrooke E G
F/OEstcourt K T
F/OGustofson J V
SgtHughes C W
SgtJohns L F T
SgtJohnston G A F
F/OLetters R W J
P/ONorton E A
SgtRaven R
SgtWells F A
22 June 1943
Squadron 90
SgtAbraham B A
SgtAndrews A S
SgtBradshaw E
SgtDavies D J
SgtGillis D
SgtLaw R R
P/OPeters H N
23 June 1943
Squadron 90
SgtFenwick C R
SgtGraham N
SgtHammond R
SgtKipling G
SgtLawson G W
P/OMcNair P C
SgtPicton I
SgtPorter J S
SgtRobson J A
SgtSanders D
SgtThompson A
25 June 1943
Squadron 90
SgtDixon C W
SgtCooper A N
SgtGardner J C
SgtHarris A C
F/SHenderson G
SgtLevine H
SgtNisbet W N
F/SPeterson I
F/SSteel J M
SgtTaylor P J
SgtTaylor W A
SgtTaylorson H
F/STeede W H
26 June 1943
Squadron 90
SgtCampbell C D
F/OCook A V I
SgtDavidson J C
SgtEalden F W
F/LMcKenzie F C
SgtWalter W E
SgtWilson E
4 July 1943
Squadron 90
SgtBeard O
SgtFenton C H
SgtFreeland R
P/OGilmour A P
SgtLeonard A F R
SgtMcGinley A P
SgtMcQuire W
P/OMorrison M L
SgtMurray H
F/LPlatt R C
SgtPotter E B
SgtReddell C
SgtScheddle M
P/OSmith G C
14 July 1943
Squadron 90
SgtBradshaw J O
P/OCandy E
F/LCoombes C E
SgtDawson W G
SgtLong C A
F/OSwallow P D
25 July 1943
Squadron 90
F/SKeeley J H
26 July 1943
Squadron 90
F/SBowman J F
F/OConroy P H
F/ODisbrowe H A
S/LDugdale J DFC
F/SEvans D G
SgtYoung N A
SgtHobbs D F A
31 July 1943
Squadron 90
SgtClifton L DFM
SgtGray W L
F/SHebden W A
SgtKealey D H
F/SReid A M
P/OSmall A R G
F/OWallis A B
18 August 1943
Squadron 90
SgtCampbell A T
24 August 1943
Squadron 90
SgtJeffreys G C
SgtJones R L
SgtLaing J R
SgtLLoyd A E
F/SLongmore K W
SgtPurcell C J
SgtQuickfall J F
F/OSibbald L E
W/O2Stormer L M
F/SWeaver V A
F/OYeo W H J
28 August 1943
Squadron 90
F/SAnderson B A
SgtGraham R
SgtHindmarch R
SgtOwen D E
W/OPhillips C
SgtScarr F G
1 September 1943
Squadron 90
SgtBloxham J L
SgtBurrett H F
P/OCallaway M P
SgtCartwright H
SgtMair G D
SgtWorsley F E
6 September 1943
Squadron 90
SgtGray J E
F/SHarris L F
SgtHill D C
F/SMacMillan H C
SgtOdgers G L
SgtRenton R J
W/OSmith S W
22 September 1943
Squadron 90
SgtGunn I F McK
SgtHayman F E
SgtLane A J
SgtLaw I D
W/O2Moore G W
SgtMorgan W A
SgtPayton R
23 September 1943
Squadron 90
F/OBirdsall V
SgtBradshaw G C A
F/SBrown R
SgtGazzard C B
SgtHaynes C
SgtHobbs D E J
SgtHowarth J
F/SHudson J
F/SHughes G H
SgtJames D A
SgtStraker P G
SgtThomas B J
SgtTruman E G
28 September 1943
Squadron 90
SgtClark C H A
P/OCunningham P S
S/LFreeman M I
W/O2Hoar W J
F/SSharp V J
3 October 1943
Squadron 90
SgtBell W
F/SDalton G E
SgtDemeillac Y
SgtFuller A R
P/OKealy J W
SgtLeeves E K
SgtLongman L W
F/SMcKitterick D H
SgtMcLaughlin A
F/SSchmidt L C
F/SSmith F W
SgtSullivan D C
SgtTaylor K G
7 October 1943
Squadron 90
SgtMiller T R
9 October 1943
Squadron 90
SgtDavies D G St J
F/OGreaves R
SgtHayes G A
SgtKettlety S T
SgtThorpe B
F/OWyton A E
F/LYates K R
12 October 1943
Squadron 90
SgtBickley J F
P/OHilton G R
F/SLangley L
F/SMeikle D W
SgtPollard W J
SgtWhitford R
14 October 1943
Squadron 90
SgtDavies G E
20 October 1943
Squadron 90
SgtEdwards T
F/SJones W E
SgtMacSwayne L T
F/SPollitt K W
F/SSpence H O
F/SSpencer E E
SgtYates G A
9 November 1943
Squadron 90
SgtBatton G G
SgtDavany E F
P/OGriffith L M
F/SJones H I
F/SLoyst M P
F/OMitchell C
F/LRodgers R Y
F/SSmith L
SgtWilson R
12 November 1943
Squadron 90
7 December 1943
1651 HCU
P/OYoxon A
17 March 1944
Squadron 31 Base
AC1Addicott A T
13 June 1944
Squadron 31 Base
SgtReed F J
15 July 1944
Squadron 1651 HCU
SgtEvans H W
SgtMorgan W I
F/SWilson D H
28 July 1944
Squadron 1651 HCU
P/OHocking J W
18 August 1944
Squadron 1651 HCU
F/SWoodbridge A S
12 September 1944
Squadron 31 Base
SgtBowd L W
SgtCanham G J
SgtHunter T Q
30 September 1944
Squadron 1651 HCU
P/OBiesiot L H
SgtCrozier G
SgtDare J
SgtDavies S F
SgtStephenson H
SgtTitchener A
19 October 1944
Squadron 1651 HCU
SgtDavies B G
F/SYoung P D
2 November 1944
Squadron 195
SgtKenny G P
SgtParadise E G
4 November 1944
Squadron 195
F/SBambrick V G
SgtBrown G S
SgtCohan I
SgtDerby F K
SgtHolland R F
SgtHunt S P
F/SLoughman W K
F/SMorey M L
P/OMorris E M
F/OMortimer G A
SgtRookwood F T H
SgtSmith F P J
SgtTilsed R W S
23 November 1944
Squadron 195
F/SDarroch S
F/SEtheridge J A
SgtKeay E T J
F/OLevens E D
F/OMcDonald P F
SgtWard T M
12 December 1944
Squadron 195
F/OBarry G R
SgtBayton J C
SgtCreaser G
SgtCullum D C
F/SGoldwater M
F/OHalliwell A E
SgtHartland W T
F/OHerapath R M
F/SHildesley R
SgtJob D J
F/OKennedy A A
SgtLeeming T
F/ORoth R T
F/OSeager E J
SgtStarkey R C
SgtTaberner R
F/OVeglio J A E
F/OWaring N R
SgtWhite B
26 December 1944
Squadron 31 Base
LACKerslake J
14 January 1945
Squadron 195
SgtPearson F
22 February 1945
Squadron 195
SgtFord C S
8 March 1945
Squadron 195
F/OAppleyard R DFM
F/ODraper T M
F/LScott P
SgtSheppard D H
SgtRobinson A K
SgtWoodburn K
14 March 1945
Squadron 195
F/OParker W S DFC
15 March 1945
Squadron 195
W/OHowe R S
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