History of RAF Wratting Common

50 service personnel from 195 Squadron lost their lives whilst serving at RAF Wratting Common between 1944 and 1945.

"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them."

F/OAppleyard R DFM8 March 1945
F/SBambrick V G4 November 1944
F/OBarry G R12 December 1944
SgtBayton J C12 December 1944
SgtBrown G S4 November 1944
SgtCohan I4 November 1944
SgtCreaser G12 December 1944
SgtCullum D C12 December 1944
F/SDarroch S23 November 1944
SgtDerby F K4 November 1944
F/ODraper T M8 March 1945
F/SEtheridge J A23 November 1944
SgtFord C S22 February 1945
F/SGoldwater M12 December 1944
F/OHalliwell A E12 December 1944
SgtHartland W T12 December 1944
F/OHerapath R M12 December 1944
F/SHildesley R12 December 1944
SgtHolland R F4 November 1944
W/OHowe R S15 March 1945
SgtHunt S P4 November 1944
SgtJob D J12 December 1944
SgtKeay E T J23 November 1944
F/OKennedy A A12 December 1944
SgtKenny G P2 November 1944
SgtLeeming T12 December 1944
F/OLevens E D23 November 1944
F/SLoughman W K4 November 1944
F/OMcDonald P F23 November 1944
F/SMorey M L4 November 1944
P/OMorris E M4 November 1944
F/OMortimer G A4 November 1944
SgtParadise E G2 November 1944
F/OParker W S DFC14 March 1945
SgtPearson F14 January 1945
SgtRobinson A K8 March 1945
SgtRookwood F T H4 November 1944
F/ORoth R T12 December 1944
F/LScott P8 March 1945
F/OSeager E J12 December 1944
SgtSheppard D H8 March 1945
SgtSmith F P J4 November 1944
SgtStarkey R C12 December 1944
SgtTaberner R12 December 1944
SgtTilsed R W S4 November 1944
F/OVeglio J A E12 December 1944
SgtWard T M23 November 1944
F/OWaring N R12 December 1944
SgtWhite B12 December 1944
SgtWoodburn K8 March 1945
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