History of RAF Wratting Common

185 service personnel from 90 Squadron lost their lives whilst serving at RAF Wratting Common in 1943.

"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them."

SgtAbraham B A22 June 1943
F/SAnderson B A28 August 1943
SgtAndrews A S22 June 1943
SgtBatton G G9 November 1943
SgtBeck W C30 May 1943
SgtBeard O4 July 1943
SgtBell W3 October 1943
SgtBickley J F12 October 1943
F/OBirdsall V23 September 1943
SgtBiscoe12 November 1943
SgtBloxham J L1 September 1943
F/SBowman J F26 July 1943
SgtBradshaw E22 June 1943
SgtBradshaw G C A23 September 1943
SgtBradshaw J O14 July 1943
SgtBrooke E G30 May 1943
F/SBrown R23 September 1943
SgtBurrett H F1 September 1943
P/OCallaway M P1 September 1943
SgtCampbell A T18 August 1943
SgtCampbell C D26 June 1943
P/OCandy E14 July 1943
SgtCartwright H1 September 1943
SgtClark C H A28 September 1943
SgtClifton L DFM31 July 1943
F/OConroy P H26 July 1943
F/OCook A V I26 June 1943
F/LCoombes C E14 July 1943
SgtCooper A N25 June 1943
P/OCunningham P S28 September 1943
F/SDalton G E3 October 1943
SgtDavany E F9 November 1943
SgtDavidson J C26 June 1943
SgtDavies D G St J9 October 1943
SgtDavies D J22 June 1943
SgtDavies G E14 October 1943
SgtDawson W G14 July 1943
SgtDemeillac Y3 October 1943
F/ODisbrowe H A26 July 1943
SgtDixon C W25 June 1943
S/LDugdale J DFC26 July 1943
SgtEalden F W26 June 1943
SgtEdwards T20 October 1943
F/OEstcourt K T30 May 1943
F/SEvans D G26 July 1943
SgtFenton C H4 July 1943
SgtFenwick C R23 June 1943
SgtFreeland R4 July 1943
S/LFreeman M I28 September 1943
SgtFuller A R3 October 1943
SgtGardner J C25 June 1943
SgtGazzard C B23 September 1943
SgtGillis D22 June 1943
P/OGilmour A P4 July 1943
SgtGraham N23 June 1943
SgtGraham R28 August 1943
SgtGray J E6 September 1943
SgtGray W L31 July 1943
F/OGreaves R9 October 1943
P/OGriffith L M9 November 1943
SgtGunn I F McK22 September 1943
F/OGustofson J V30 May 1943
SgtHammond R23 June 1943
SgtHarris A C25 June 1943
F/SHarris L F6 September 1943
SgtHayes G A9 October 1943
SgtHayman F E22 September 1943
SgtHaynes C23 September 1943
F/SHebden W A31 July 1943
F/SHenderson G25 June 1943
SgtHill D C6 September 1943
P/OHilton G R12 October 1943
SgtHindmarch R28 August 1943
W/O2Hoar W J28 September 1943
SgtHobbs D E J23 September 1943
SgtHobbs D F A26 July 1943
SgtHowarth J23 September 1943
F/SHudson J23 September 1943
SgtHughes C W30 May 1943
F/SHughes G H23 September 1943
SgtJames D A23 September 1943
SgtJeffreys G C24 August 1943
SgtJohns L F T30 May 1943
SgtJohnston G A F30 May 1943
F/SJones H I9 November 1943
SgtJones R L24 August 1943
F/SJones W E20 October 1943
SgtKealey D H31 July 1943
F/SKeeley J H25 July 1943
P/OKealy J W3 October 1943
SgtKettlety S T9 October 1943
SgtKipling G23 June 1943
SgtLaing J R24 August 1943
SgtLane A J22 September 1943
F/SLangley L12 October 1943
SgtLaw I D22 September 1943
SgtLaw R R22 June 1943
SgtLawson G W23 June 1943
SgtLeeves E K3 October 1943
SgtLeonard A F R4 July 1943
F/OLetters R W J30 May 1943
SgtLevine H25 June 1943
SgtLLoyd A E24 August 1943
SgtLong C A14 July 1943
SgtLongman L W3 October 1943
F/SLongmore K W24 August 1943
F/SLoyst M P9 November 1943
F/SMacMillan H C6 September 1943
SgtMacSwayne L T20 October 1943
SgtMcGinley A P4 July 1943
F/LMcKenzie F C26 June 1943
F/SMcKitterick D H3 October 1943
SgtMcLaughlin A3 October 1943
P/OMcNair P C23 June 1943
SgtMcQuire W4 July 1943
SgtMair G D1 September 1943
F/SMeikle D W12 October 1943
SgtMiller T R7 October 1943
F/OMitchell C9 November 1943
W/O2Moore G W22 September 1943
SgtMorgan W A22 September 1943
P/OMorrison M L4 July 1943
SgtMurray H4 July 1943
SgtNisbet W N25 June 1943
P/ONorton E A30 May 1943
SgtOdgers G L6 September 1943
SgtOwen D E28 August 1943
SgtPayton R22 September 1943
P/OPeters H N22 June 1943
F/SPeterson I25 June 1943
W/OPhillips C28 August 1943
SgtPicton I23 June 1943
F/LPlatt R C4 July 1943
SgtPollard W J12 October 1943
F/SPollitt K W20 October 1943
SgtPorter J S23 June 1943
SgtPotter E B4 July 1943
SgtPurcell C J24 August 1943
SgtQuickfall J F24 August 1943
SgtRaven R30 May 1943
SgtReddell C4 July 1943
F/SReid A M31 July 1943
SgtRenton R J6 September 1943
SgtRobson J A23 June 1943
F/LRodgers R Y9 November 1943
SgtSanders D23 June 1943
SgtScarr F G28 August 1943
SgtScheddle M4 July 1943
F/SSchmidt L C3 October 1943
F/SSharp V J28 September 1943
F/OSibbald L E24 August 1943
P/OSmall A R G31 July 1943
F/SSmith F W3 October 1943
P/OSmith G C4 July 1943
F/SSmith L9 November 1943
W/OSmith S W6 September 1943
F/SSpence H O20 October 1943
F/SSpencer E E20 October 1943
F/SSteel J M25 June 1943
W/O2Stormer L M24 August 1943
SgtStraker P G23 September 1943
SgtSullivan D C3 October 1943
F/OSwallow P D14 July 1943
SgtTaylor K G3 October 1943
SgtTaylor P J25 June 1943
SgtTaylor W A25 June 1943
SgtTaylorson H25 June 1943
F/STeede W H25 June 1943
SgtThomas B J23 September 1943
SgtThompson A23 June 1943
SgtThorpe B9 October 1943
SgtTruman E G23 September 1943
F/OWallis A B31 July 1943
SgtWalter W E26 June 1943
F/SWeaver V A24 August 1943
SgtWells F A30 May 1943
SgtWhitford R12 October 1943
SgtWilson E26 June 1943
SgtWilson R9 November 1943
SgtWorsley F E1 September 1943
F/OWyton A E9 October 1943
SgtYates G A20 October 1943
F/LYates K R9 October 1943
F/OYeo W H J24 August 1943
SgtYoung N A26 July 1943
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